VampireFace (sirarthurcrndal) wrote,

Your horoscope

April 15 2007

Today you will find a penny on the road with a picture of a dime on it and then you'll go to the movies to watch the latest feature but instead the ballet will be on and you'll enjoy it and leave the theatre to find you're in 1968 and hangin' with your dad and his friend who's into rockabilly. You'll learn you and your dad aren't that different but then you'll realize it was all a dream and that you've been sleeping all day under a pine tree with an empty pizza box beside you and a hankering to watch Rambo 8 times with you favourite cousin and her best friend. Then you will go to the garage to get some yard work done and you'll decide to get a new fishing rod because bass season is coming up and all you've got is a shovel handle and a length of yarn.
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