VampireFace (sirarthurcrndal) wrote,

Help me out here

Have you ever remembered a movie that you saw as a kid but you have no clue what it's called or anything? I get that a lot. There's three that come to mind, and maybe one of you can help me solve the mystery and crack the code

Movie 1

This is a surfing movie. In it, a gut moves to hawaii from somewhere and starts surfing. Somewhere along the way he meets a chick and then in the end he ends up getting cut up really bad by a reef and I think that's the end. It's like that movie "Airborne" but on surfboards instead of rollerblades. I think the guy in it was blonde. Ring any bells?

Movie 2

All I remember from this one is two guys and for some reason they think they're in Russia or something (?) but they're actually in the U.S. I remember a walkman and a guy who looked like Matthew Broderick and a forest. And there were some girls in it or something?

Movie 3

This might be the same movie as #2. All I remember from this one is two guys who meet a huge russian guy (like a wrestler or a superhero) who helps them or they help him or something and he has to hide because of the Cold War maybe? I also seem to remember "Born in the U.S.A." being in it at some point and the guys hiding in a concrete tunnel.

That's all I can think of for now.

Thanks in advance,

G.W. Macaulay
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