VampireFace (sirarthurcrndal) wrote,

Help me out here

Have you ever remembered a movie that you saw as a kid but you have no clue what it's called or anything? I get that a lot. There's three that come to mind, and maybe one of you can help me solve the mystery and crack the code

Movie 1

This is a surfing movie. In it, a gut moves to hawaii from somewhere and starts surfing. Somewhere along the way he meets a chick and then in the end he ends up getting cut up really bad by a reef and I think that's the end. It's like that movie "Airborne" but on surfboards instead of rollerblades. I think the guy in it was blonde. Ring any bells?

Movie 2

All I remember from this one is two guys and for some reason they think they're in Russia or something (?) but they're actually in the U.S. I remember a walkman and a guy who looked like Matthew Broderick and a forest. And there were some girls in it or something?

Movie 3

This might be the same movie as #2. All I remember from this one is two guys who meet a huge russian guy (like a wrestler or a superhero) who helps them or they help him or something and he has to hide because of the Cold War maybe? I also seem to remember "Born in the U.S.A." being in it at some point and the guys hiding in a concrete tunnel.

That's all I can think of for now.

Thanks in advance,

G.W. Macaulay
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I totally think #1 is "Point Break" w/Patrick Swayze and Keanu. But I could be wrong. I don't remember anything about a coral reef. And there was bank robbing in that movie. I'd like to think you'd remember a good bank heist caper, y'know?
yeah its not

if glenn can't remember it, its gotta be way more obscure than point break
point dick
know what's weird?

as i read your description for #2 i thought it was this one movie that i saw when i was young about a russian guy who needs to be protected... but then i read your description for #3 and IT WAS THE MOVIE I WAS THINKING ABOUT!

so after several minutes of memory-search i've discovered the name of #3 is Russkies I remember that because i knew that it was "offensive" to call some russian person a "russky" and so i couldn't believe the title. I remember a part in the movie where a bunch of fishermen get a manta ray caught in their net, and they decide to hold it down until it suffocated, and the russian guy doesn't like the cruelty and he throws it back in the water.

And with more thinking: is this #2? >> Born American <<
Norm, I knew you'd come through. Russkies is definitely the right one and I'm pretty sure Born American is right too. That is just lovely. I should go rent these films immediately.
no probalo!