VampireFace (sirarthurcrndal) wrote,

Movies sure do stink nuts these days.

Here is the current top 5 box office

1 Madea's Family Reunion
2 16 Blocks
3 Eight Below
4 Ultraviolet
5 Aquamarine

You'd have to pay me to see these movies, except MAYBE 16 blocks (die hard with a moustache as per farris)and that's only because bruce willis rolls and mos def is a cool cat.
Then I looked up some movies that are coming soon. V for Vendetta is the only that looks good. I thought a movie called "Lucky Number Slevin" sounded promising because the title gives the impression that it's a cornball comedy about a guy named Slevin who wins the lottery and does funny things with his money. But instead its about a guy who gets mistaken for another guy and a mob boss wants to kill him and josh hartnett is in it. what the hell?
"She's the Man" is simply a ripoff of the early 90's masterpiece "Anything for Love" starring Corey Haim, expcept instead of a guy dressing up like a girl it's the opposite.
And get a load of this one called "Stay Alive":
"For a group of teens, the answer to the mysterious death of their old friend lies within the world of an online video game based on the true story of an ancient noblewoman known as "The Blood Countess."" huh? To make things worse, the tagline is "You Die In The Game - You Die For Real". So I guess it's basically the Ring 3 - Video Games. There's also a Shaggy Dog remake starring Tim Allen.
Oh yeah and I read about a new adam sandler movie where he obtains a magical remote control that lets him control life (pause and what have you). As someone noted on an IMDB message board, it sounds like a movie that AWESOME-O from South Park came up with. That's where cartman dresses up like a robot and a film studio hires him to come up with movie ideas and they';re all about adam sandler in ridiculous situations. errrrrggggg

Lets make our own movies. Then make a movie about it. Called "the popcorn club".

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