VampireFace (sirarthurcrndal) wrote,

I stole this picture from the Mississauga Livejournal community

Mississauga is trying to build up instead of out so they're building new condos etc. and one of these designs will win and be built

I'm pulling for the middle four. especially the one that looks like a big hive that robot bee warriors would live in (#2). #5 is pretty ill too because it looks like someone squeezed it. 4 looks a little too much like a cocktail party though. And probably in 100 years people will think it tacky just like the browns and oranges of earlier days. Go to John Anderson restaurant in mississauga and you'll know what i mean.

go to and watch all the videos you can that have dogs in them. And the ones that get 5 stars for being funny usually are not. So watch the lower ones. Also search for sesame street and you can watch that typewriter deal with words and see other awesome things.
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