VampireFace (sirarthurcrndal) wrote,

There was an older man on the bus today who always had to be talking to strangers. While waiting for the bus he starting talking to a baby that a woman was holding and said something along the lines of

"You should always remember that a girl's best friend is her mother harharharhar"

So that made everyone around him sort of uncomfortable. He had a funny hat on and a cane.

Then, as soon as he got on the bus he picked out this one man who was clearly having a conversation with another guy and started talking to him right away at a volume that everyone on the bus could hear.

Old man - "Hey you have glasses like Harry Potter harharhar"
Guy - "Um yeah, I suppose so"
Old man - "Yeah 'cept yours are maybe a bit rounder"
Guy (being nice) - "Ha, yep"
Old man - "You like Harry Potter?"
Guy - "Well I've seen the movie, but you know..."
Old Man - "Have you seen the new one? It's pretty morbid"
Guy - "No I haven't"
Old Man - "Well in March it's coming out on home video, so you could see it then, I'm going to buy it. Then there's going to be another movie coming out based on the last book, and this is where *(At this point he very loudly gives away the ending to the latest Harry Potter book. I was shocked that no one yelled at him)*
Guy - (very calmly) "Oh. Well I guess I won't read it now that I know the ending"
Old Man - "There's another movie out now like Harry Potter called Underworld something or other that I'm going to go see"
Guy - "Oh yeah..."
Old Man - "Do you go to the movies a lot? Yeah I spend a lot of time at the movies. Ever since the wife died" (at this point there was such a feeling of awkwardness and I think everyone started to feel sorry for him)

Then he kept talking as he got off the bus and you could still hear him outside. If my mp3 player wasn't out of batteries i would've tried to record it. It would've also allowed me to listen to music instead of this incredibly awkward conversation that this poor guy had to sit and participate in. Kudos to him for being so calm.
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